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When you first built or moved into your home or office space, you could always count on your AC and heating system working to perfection. Just set the thermostat to a desired temperature, and you’d be good to go! There’d be no need to worry about having to grab an extra blanket in the winter to keep warm or shed some clothing to stay cool during hot summer nights. Unfortunately, stuff breaks and upgrades are necessary. Even newer air conditioning units need routine service as they take a pounding from the unpredictable North Texas weather. When these situations arise, wouldn’t it be nice to make one phone call to get it all handled?
It doesn’t matter if your older outdoor unit is low on freon, your thermostat is on the fritz, you need to purchase a new unit, or you just need to make sure that weird noise you keep hearing isn’t a sign of future mechanical failure. Morrison’s Heating and Air in Denton, Texas, has you covered from A to Z with all your HVAC repair, sales, service, and installation needs.
And the best part is that you are backed by a knowledgeable and versatile team of professionals who have your best interests in mind.
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HVAC Service vs. HVAC Repair

When you call to schedule an appointment with Morrison’s Heating and Air in Denton, our friendly office staff will ask you if you need to schedule a repair or service. These are two distinct appointments that deserve explanation.
An HVAC service call is maintenance. There may not be anything wrong with your unit, but with summer or winter fast approaching, you need someone to ensure everything is working. With HVAC service, we may be asked to change someone’s filters or even move a condenser because it makes too much noise under the bedroom window. Sign up for one of our maintenance contracts today! We service all brands and honor most warranties. We also will not recommend any service that you don’t need.
While there is some overlap, an HVAC repair goes beyond maintenance to include replacing parts and internal components when things are broken, or catching something that may lead to costly repairs down the road if not remedied now. Our mindset is to repair what we can, if possible, and only replace parts if it makes financial sense for your family. All labor and parts are 100% guaranteed, and we only use new parts when replacement is necessary.

Heater Repair

When the weather changes to fall and winter, life can get pretty uncomfortable indoors when your heater isn’t working correctly, and temperatures go from comfy to frigid in a matter of a few hours. Morrison’s is the only company you will ever need to call for your air conditioner AND heater. We service and repair all models, including gas and electric furnaces, boilers, and radiators. Our technicians are the best in the business at identifying what is wrong with your heater and then easily making those repairs so that you always feel safe and comfortable inside your home or business.

A few of the more common heater problems in Denton, Texas, that we see include:

  • The heater or furnace doesn’t heat at all or not enough
  • Electric ignition or problems with the pilot control
  • Heat pump repair
  • Common wear and tear
  • Dirty filters and components that cause additional issues
  • Frequent or infrequent cycling
  • The furnace is too noisy
Furnace Repair - Denton, Texas
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Preventative System Maintenance

While there’s no way to prevent every mechanical issue you could face with your air conditioner or heater, the best way to keep those issues to a minimum while avoiding surprises and more costly repairs down the road is to keep up with preventative system maintenance. Regular preventative HVAC system maintenance has a variety of benefits, including:

  • Maintaining your system’s peak efficiency
  • Extending the life of your system
  • Improving overall comfort in your home
  • Drastically improving air quality
  • Save you as much as 30% on your energy bill
Preventative system maintenance with Morrison’s Heating and Air in Denton, Texas, is easy. Simply sign up for our maintenance contracts, and our technicians will do routine checks every year just before summer heats up and fall kicks into high gear.

New System Sales and Installation

Morrison’s doesn’t just do repair and service. We are also Goodman, Carrier, Daikin, and American Standard authorized dealers. This is important because your new AC and heating system will be engineered to fit your home. That requires the right contractor and sales team to ensure you have the right unit and that it is installed correctly. If you have an existing home or business, our team of sales associates will walk you through deciding what the best unit is for the size of your home and budget. We will do a thorough inspection of your home to guarantee proper airflow and to address any additional concerns.
If you are building a new home or another new construction project, our sales associates and technicians will get with you before you even break ground and design a full-scope HVAC system tailored to your needs.

Our new system sales and installation for new or existing properties includes the unit itself and:

  • Attic insulation
  • Duct installation
  • Electronic damper systems
  • Wireless or traditional battery-powered thermostats
  • Air purification systems
  • Retro-fitting
  • Other customization options
Air Conditioning Installation - Denton, Texas

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Finding a way to get your existing HVAC unit working properly or having to convert to an entirely new system is overwhelming. We get it. Having an HVAC company like Morrison’s in your corner helps ease those concerns while ensuring the work will be done right the first time, every time. Morrison’s Heating and Air offers unsurpassed quality, ingenuity, and craftsmanship every step of the way. There’s nothing we haven’t seen, and we can’t wait to prove why we are hands down the only call you need to make.

"The Coldest Night in 72 Years!"

"We called Morrison's the day after the coldest night in 72 years, to repair the emergency heat on a home system they installed a few years ago. They were able to get a technician out within about an hour! The tech was able to get some heat out of the unit while he went to get a replacement part. We had full heat again within a few hours. Kudos to all involved!"

M Borowski